These are some common web-libraries that help developers build pages and sets.

Library Type Library Name Link Recommended?
Javascript jquery high
HTML/CSS Bootstrap high
HTML/CSS - Icons FontAwesome mixed
Note: FontAwesome has been adding "brand icons" at an alarming rate, and the package is quite bloated. Customization with 3rd party tools is highly recommended.
HTML/CSS html5boilerplate
note: html5boilerplate integrates nomalize.css, jquery, modernizr browser detection, and some other libraries into a useful toolkit.
HTML/CSS/JS React high
react is a javascript library from facebook that is used for building user interfaces. it carries a patent rights agreement.
HTML/CSS/JS Dust.js high
dust is a low-logic templating language that was first implemented in javascript and is now maintained by linkedin. it has been ported to several other languages, including python's ashes. dust allows for templates to be rendered by a browser (or on a server)
HTML/CSS/JS Mustache mixed
mustache is a logic-less tempalting language first implemented in javascript. it is very fast, but also limited in use because it is logic-less. many people may prefer dust.js above. twitter maintained/maintains the hogan project that is a faster compiler for Mustache.

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